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Yelp 5 Star Rating
*****Reg T. posted on 10/26/16, Hayward, CA
I am absolutely glad I called Absolute Plumbing. I have used Roto Rooter and other plumbing companies, and was never impressed, but with Bill I had a very pleasant experience, and felt I found someone that knows and embraces his trade professionally.

From the first phone call, Bill seemed very pleasant, professional, and clearly customer service oriented. If that isn't enough then read on.

After explaining the bathtub/shower diverter issue with him and other jobs that needed attention, I asked if there was any price difference for weekend or weekday jobs, and he said its all the same. What a relief, other places charged differently for weekend work.

I explained to him the facets are Kohler faucets that the builder installed, and he seemed to know exactly how to work with the Kohler faucets...what a relief (by the way I'm not a fan of Kohler facets, I had to replace other items before).

At the scheduled appointment, Bill was on time, he quickly knew what type of water diverter I needed and offered two types. I picked the $30 diverters versus the $20 types, the $20 version looked exactly like the ones the builder used, and the $30 ones just look better, and after the install they worked better than expected.

I explained to Bill that we had a slow drip in two showers, I failed to mention this during the initial phone call, he explained what he would have to do to stop the leak. I informed him on the technique that the Roto Rooter guys used, and he mentioned that was a "patch / bandaid" treatment, I guess it was as I still have a slow drip, sigh. Good news is that he knows how to fix and I will be scheduling the next job with him (he needs to order the correct parts), the Roto Rooter guys went to Lowe's to get parts and the weird part is that I had to drive them in my car, weird, just weird.

Lastly, the price point was reasonable too.

If you aren't convinced with Absolute Plumbing then good luck in your search, I'm 100% sold on Bill and Absolute Plumbing, and will be calling on him again.

Yelp 5 Star Rating
                Connie K. posted on 6/6/16, Castro Valley, CA
We had been home from vacation for a week and noticed a drip from our drainage pipe. We thought perhaps it was morning dew off the roof collecting in the drainage pipes from the down spouts but after a few days the drip got faster and there wasn't any more morning dew. 

So we searched Yelp and since we like to use local CV people we called Bill and he said he could be over in an hour. Exactly 1 hour later he came over. He quickly showed us how to read the water meter to determine we had a water pipe leak. Then we showed him the drainage pipe and he determined it was probably the pipe fitting below the main shit off value that was leaking water down into the drainage pipe. Sure enough after poking around and removing some dirt there was the water squirting out of the pipe fitting leaking down into our drainage pipe. 

Bill went to gather a few supplies and had it fixed in a timely fashion. He was very nice and very knowledgeable. The job was finished and we had our water back on in no time to the house. 

We highly recommend Bill and his company. We would use him again in a heart beat!

Yelp 5 Star Rating
*****Alyssa M. posted on 3/1/16, Castro Valley, CA
Bill and his colleague, Greg, have done two major repairs in our Castro Valley home. The first was a leak in a pipe that was in our concrete foundation. He hired a professional who was able to pinpoint where the leak was (we have no crawl space), pulled up the tile and concrete, fixed the leak and put everything back the way it was. Nobody would ever be able to tell the job was done - they even kept our tile in one piece so we didn't need to buy new tile.
Next, we had another water leak under the house in a different location (yay). Because of the location of this leak and the age of our pipes, Bill recommended we re-pipe the whole house. We knew this was coming when we bought a 60 year-old house, so we agreed. He was extremely flexible with us and our schedule. He and Greg did the entire job in less than 2 days. To be honest, I didn't get any other quotes because I trust Bill enough to know he's not taking me for a ride.
He's also great at the little things like kitchen sinks. Say you, hypothetically, decide to take apart the 50 tiny pieces in your kitchen faucet to install a broken piece, try to put them back together, hypothetically, and you can't figure it out after 3 hours of trying. That's a great time to call Bill, hypothetically.
I'd give him my highest recommendation and am so happy we won't have anymore leaky pipes!

Yelp 5 Star Rating
*****Eddie S.- Posted on 12/8/15, Castro Valley, CA
Bill is professional, easy going and his work is superior. We went from a single bath sink vanity to a double sink vanity and needed all the new plumbing done. We also need a new shower valve put in. I initially called on a Saturday and left a message and he called me within the hour. On Monday he showed as scheduled for a walk through and quote.
I decided to use Bill and he has done an excellent job thus far. Take a look at the photo. Plumbing is not that interesting but his workmanship is outstanding; clean and neat.

Yelp 5 Star Rating
*****Duey C. H.- Posted on 11/14/15, Castro Valley, CA
Thanks, Bill!

Gotta be the nicest plumber in the Bay area, maybe even California. Bill was quick and thorough. Had to call him out today (Saturday) for a leak. He was great, and didn't overcharge us for a weekend call. Really appreciated that - We'll definitely call again when in need of a plumber.

Yelp 5 Star Rating
*****Behan S. - Posted on 11/5/15, Danville, CA
Bill was exceptionally helpful. I have not had water in my house two days now because I had a broken water valve to the kitchen sink. I went about trying to fix it myself and got to a point were I was unable to move forward.
Bill promptly answered my call and showed up much quicker than I would have expected...superman cap and all. The problem was a pretty simple fix, just needed the right tool. At no point did he make me feel silly for not knowing had to do that simple step. He was in and out in flash...and now I have a working kitchen again AND running water in the house...thank you Bill!

Yelp 5 Star Rating
*****Rodger A. - Posted on 8/8/15, Hayward, CA
Bill came by to size up the job and to schedule an appointment. When he saw what I needed, he said he had the materials to take care of the situation on the spot. We quickly settled on a fair price and in an hour my new sink was operating flawlessly. Bill is the consummate professional. I would recommend to anyone who is particular about who they have working in their home.

Yelp 5 Star Rating
*****MsMontara B. - Posted on 6/18/15, Newark, CA
The epitome of professionalism and plumbing excellence! Bill arrived a few minutes early for an estimate, he offered a fair price for the job, and completed it promptly, paying attention to small details. My husband and I had several previous estimates for the delicate remodel job of installing a faucet, drain, and unusual length drain pipe onto a glass top vanity. Several other plumbers just looked around and expressed concern that the glass was too fragile for their comfort levels. Bill, on the other hand, immediately began measuring to assess the situation. He was undaunted by the delicate work, and the end result was absolutely gorgeous and functional! My husband and I are very grateful to Bill for his expertise. If you have a remodel job requiring plumbing, Bill is fabulous and we highly recommend him.

Yelp 5 Star Rating
*****Nene R. - Posted on 3/30/15, Berkeley, CA
Bill is the ultimate professional.
He appears to be a one man shop, but I for one, am happy to utilize the small local business.
From the moment he answered the phone all the way to job completion, his customer service and plumbing skilled shined.
I will be using Absolute plumbing for any future needs.
Thank you fellow Yelpers~

Yelp 5 Star Rating
*****Anne F. - Posted on 3/18/15, Castro Valley, CA
You simply can't find a more knowledgeable, experienced, professional plumber than Bill at Absolute Plumbing. He has done several plumbing jobs for us, and this time we needed help with a leaking gas pipe. We first called PG&E and they shut down all the gas at the meter and said we would need to call someone to make the repairs. We phoned Bill and he came over within an hour. In very short order, he had the situation and the solution figured out, and was able to get things back in order for a very reasonable price. We felt so lucky that he was available -- and secure that things were dealt with in an expert manner. Thanks so much Bill!

Yelp 5 Star Rating
*****Janet J. - Posted on 3/18/15, Danville, CA
Needed to have a tub faucet handle fixed that turned but no water flow. Called Absolute plumbing. Bill came out right on time the next day. It was a complicated fix that took a little creativity and Bill managed it perfectly. He is great ! Very professional and personable. Got the job done within an hour and it works great ! Would highly recommend him ! Thanks Bill !

Yelp 5 Star Rating
*****Kurt D. - Posted on 3/11/15, Castro Valley, CA
I recently called Bill to repair a ruptured water main. He came over and verified the situation and returned immediately after the excavation was completed to repair the leak. This was early on a Sunday morning 
no less.
The piping material used required a special technique to repair which Bill was clearly familiar, and he affected a perfect repair that I am confident will last indefinitely.
Contrary to the negative reputation plumbers have a acquired for what they charge, Bill was exceedingly reasonable and went the extra mile.
I had used Bill previously on another job and he was my first call. He quoted me on a water heater, and I will be having him back to install that also. Again, very reasonable.
Bill is an "old school" tradesman who takes great pride in his work and customer satisfaction.
I can attest to both. Highly recommended.

Yelp 5 Star Rating
*****Ron J. - Posted on 1/31/15, Castro Valley, CA
Bill is great, and met my high expectations. He answered the phone, was helpful in getting me started on elements needed to identify whether my new toilet would fit, and installed everything as expected. Very clean, and also resolved a couple leaks that were beyond the planned scope. He kindly agreed to wear my booties before entering our master bath. Prices are fair. I couldn't ask for anything more. Very pleased. Thank you, Bill.

Yelp 5 Star Rating
*****Darryl S. -  Posted on 1/26/15, Oakland, CA
In our home we had discovered a dampness emanating from the ceiling and knew their must have been a leak somewhere. I looked on yelp for a good plummer and found and contacted Absolute Plumbing. Bill came to our home the same day I contacted him, he asked to see our shower, which was upstairs, and was able to determine and show us where the leak was within 10 minutes. The shower pan had been installed incorrectly and because of that a leak sprung which soaked the downstairs ceiling every time the shower was in use. I could tell Bill had a wealth of experience and in addition to helping us determine what was wrong, I decided to contract him to replace our entire shower. He gave us a fair estimate which we accepted and then Bill let us know what we needed to do and we went ahead and planned the service. He and his team were prompt, hard working and they even cleaned up after themselves each day after they were finished so my home was never a big mess. Once the work was done I honestly can say the new shower we now have exceeded my expectations. We now have the best shower I've ever showered in...including the fancy showers in Las Vegas. I cannot recommend Absolute Plumbing enough. If you are looking for honesty combined with beautiful craftsmanship, in addition to someone who will give you a honest estimate, look no further than Absolute Plumbing.

Yelp 5 Star Rating
*****andy c. - Posted on 12/15/14, San Jose, CA
Bill replaced some shut off valves and a regulator with great speed and efficiency. The work looks fantastic and is a great relief knowing it was performed professionally with high quality parts. I highly recommend him!

Yelp 5 Star Rating
*****DeAnne D.- Posted on 12/4/14, Castro Valley, CA
Bill has helped us several times now. He's so professional, knowledgeable and pleasant and comes exactly when he says he will. This last time we had a crack in our porcelain kitchen sink due to an earthquake. The sink is 39 inches long which is huge. We couldn't find a replacement sink made in America that size and I was crazy thinking we'd have to retile all of our counters having to fill the gaping hole to fit a smaller sink. But Bill came through, did a lot of research and found a sink in Australia, the only 39 inch sink left in the world. He ordered it for us and installed it brilliantly and efficiently. We love this man, totally a good guy from every perspective. Completely on top of his craft and comfortable like a brother.

Yelp 5 Star Rating
*****DW. - Posted on 10/15/14, Castro Valley, CA
Our water pipe under the kitchen sink broke. Bill came out first thing the next morning. He was fast and thorough. He removed the sheet rock, replaced the copper pipe, replaced the outside water line and dishwasher drain line. All this in under 3 hours. I was very pleased with the work and price.

Yelp 5 Star Rating
*****Maria Z. - Posted on 09/28/14, Castro Valley, CA
Excellent service. Can not say enough good things about Bill. He answers his phone promptly, shows up when he says he will (or earlier), and gets right to work to fix the problem. Hired Bill to find a leak that caused about 200 sqft of wood floor damage. Thought it was a leak under the slab, but Bill promptly found it in the wall. Only had to make one cut into the sheetrock to find and fix the broken pipe. All in just over an hour! He was good enough to come over on a Sunday. He will be my main plumber now in Castro Valley and surrounding area.

Yelp 5 Star Rating
*****Alyssa M. - Posted on 9/23/14, Castro Valley, CA
I contacted Bill to help fix a leak with our toilet. He answered the phone when I called and was able to come over within an hour on a weekend - what? - amazing. He fixed the problem in less than a half hour. Only problem was that my water meter was still spinning, so we still had a leak. He was able to get a leak detection guy to come out, find the leak, have another guy join him to jackhammer up our concrete foundation to fix the leak and re-tile the area. All of this ended up costing substantially less that I had expected, both sub-contractors he had join him were quick, clean and polite.  

I highly recommend Bill and feel like he gave us a fair price, quick service and fixed the problem. What more could you ask for? Give him a call if you have plumbing problems. You won't be disappointed.

Yelp 5 Star Rating
*****Gus Q. - Posted on 8/26/14, Danville, CA 
I contacted Bill with Absolute Plumbing to install an earthquake shut off valve. He is very knowledgeable, professional, courteous, meticulous, on time, affordable, and honest. He did an awesome job on my valve. I would HIGHLY recommend Bill for any future plumbing needs. He is on the top of my list!!!

Google Review Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
***** Cody Yochum - Posted on 6/14/14, Castro Valley, CA
Had Bill out today to fix our leaking pipes behind the wall. He gave us a fair estimate and was honest about the potential cost. He fixed the leaking pipe very fast and did a great job. He was very professional and on time as well, skills our last plumber was severely lacking. We will definitely be doing business with Bill again in the future.

Yelp 5 Star Rating
***** Terry G. - Posted on 5/23/14, San Francisco, CA
Second time I've called this company to my home in Castro Valley. Both times the owner answered the phone himself, estimated a cost from a description of the problem (with the obvious caveat that only after working on the problem can one be sure of the extent of work and final cost) and was there the next day as promised. The work is neat, thorough, professional, and at the price estimated ( since both times there were no surprises from an older house). I highly recommend Absolute Plumbing and will rely on this company for all plumbing work. (I've had bad experiences in years past from poor companies, and I can see the difference.) This is a business I trust.

Yelp 5 Star Rating
***** John S. - Posted on 4/16/14, San Ramon, CA
I had a leaky water main, and I was a little nervous about what a repair like that would entail, and cost. Now that the job is done, I'm really glad I contacted Absolute Plumbing. I spoke with Bill, the owner, and scheduled an appointment for the following week. Since I was going to be out of town until the evening before, I didn't double-check or confirm the appointment, as I normally would. He arrived exactly when we agreed. He was knowledgeable, professional, affordable, and did high quality work. That was as painless a plumbing job as you could hope for. Really, what else do you need?

I'm very glad I now have a plumber I can contact for future jobs.

Highly recommended.

Yelp 5 Star Rating
***** Rob C. - Posted on 1/6/2014, Danville, CA
I contacted Bill with Absolute Plumbing to obtain a quote to repair a water line leak under our kitchen slab and he came out the same day that I called him to provide the quote. He was willing to fix the leak the next day (Saturday), but we had him come out on Sunday to fix it. Bill's flexibility was pretty incredible. The leak was not in the immediate area that the independent leak inspector indicated which took more of Bill's time including more jack hammering, but Bill honored his original estimate. The leak was difficult to get to and repair, but Bill did a great job performing the repair. He was professional, honest, courteous, very knowledgeable and helpful. Bill's assistant who performed the jack hammering was very careful not to damage the existing flooring material outside the immediate work area and he showed tremendous skill and finesse to not damage the post tension rods in my foundation. Bill and his assistant put in a full day of hard and skilled labor at a very fair price. I will definitely call Bill again for future plumbing needs.

Google Review Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
*****Anne Forte - Posted on 11/30/13
We had a kitchen plumbing emergency the night after Thanksgiving. We found Bill's info on the internet and phoned him at about 5pm; he was able to come and fix our sink and drains the very next morning at 8am. He was prompt, professional, skilled and quick! Within 30 minutes, he had everything back in order. Thank you Bill!

Yahoo User Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
*****Lori - Posted on 09/12/13
I highly recommend Absolute Plumbing, the job performed was top notch . Bill is one of the most experienced, pleasant, timely and knowledgeable contractors I ve had the pleasure to deal with in many years. I would have given Bill 6 stars if I could for his honesty and integrity as they are even rarer but such highly prized qualities. He ll always be the first plumber I call should the need arise.

Yahoo User Rating: 5 out of 5 stars 
*****Pamela L - Posted on 05/03/13, Pleasanton, CA
This is the second time I ve had an emergency plumbing situation, called Absolute Plumbing, and both times the $ damage was not nearly as bad as I expected. Bill is awesome - so happy that I have a plumber that I can call on who is honest and tries very hard to minimize the financial impact on his customer. Thank You Absolute Plumbing!

Google +
Tracy Robinson reviewed 4/19/13
Quality Excellent  Appeal Excellent  Service Excellent
I discovered a leak in my home office and needed help urgently to identify and fix the problem. I called Bill first thing in the morning and he was at our home within 30 minutes working on it. He had to isolate the location and cut through the drywall to access it but found two major blockages, one which we would not have found without his extra effort to be thorough. He was able to clear them both and get our plumbing system back on track by noon that same day. Not only is he knowledgeable and efficient but he knows how to offer solutions, alternative approaches to address the problem in laymans terms. He is a pleasure to work with and charges a fair rate.

Yelp 5 Star Rating
***** Joseph V. - Posted on 12/17/2012, San Ramon, CA
Bill did two jobs for me and both were done better than expected. Typically I have been disappointed with contractor work for various reasons, but could not find anything negative with Bill's work. The last job was a major shower remodel and he was meticulous on managing all the workers and had selected subs that I felt were the cream of the crop. Once he committed to the job, as much work as possible that could be done every day was done including over the weekend. One minor area of improvement would be he could estimate the job time to completion a little better. He actually completed his work earlier than projected, but hadn't factored in the time to order the custom shower doors and the 2 days for them to set.

Yahoo User Rating: 5 out of 5 stars 
*****Joan - Posted on 10/10/12, Castro Valley, CA
Absolute Plumbing did a gorgeous remodel of the bathroom and the service was excellent. This remodeling job was a late 1940 s bathroom with some problems-dry rot and it is now so beautiful, a true show stopper. The job was completed on time and for a reasonable cost, I would highly recommend Bill and Absolute Plumbing.

Yelp 5 Star Rating
*****Hosh D. - Posted on 8/20/2012, San Ramon, CA
I was referred to Absolute Pluming due to issues with my old waterheater. Prior to meeting with Bill, I met with a few other big name waterheater installers. They were shady and added various costs to jack up the total price. I spoke to Bill and he sounded very professional. Bill appeared to be a very experienced plumber and had a good deal of knowledge with waterheaters. Bill gave me an honest/fair quote for replacement/installation. Bill completed the work as quoted and he did not add "last minute" costs which are so common with shady plumbers. I highly recommend Absolute Plumbing. Hosh D.

Google +
Zig Zichterman reviewed 8/2/12
Quality Excellent  Appeal Excellent  Service Excellent
The faucet in my shower broke. Nothing but cold water. Clogged cartridge after 13 years of daily use. Bill Kollias of Absolute Plumbing came out right away and had it replaced and working again in about half an hour. Sure is handy having a trustworthy plumber live just up the street. Bill will be the first person we call next time we have any plumbing work, big or small.

Yelp 5 Star Rating
*****Suzanne M.- Posted on 7-22-12,  Hayward, CA
This is as good as it gets. . Very professional and honest, work cost what was quoted, Bill is very amiable and he was on time to the appointment the work was excellent and done in a very timely manner. Absolute Plumbing is now on our list of go contractors should we ever need a plumber. I highly recommend Absolute Plumbing. Simply the best

Yahoo User Rating: 5 out of 5 stars 
*****Emilie - Posted on 02/23/12
We had a good outcome to a potentially big problem with a water leak on the "house side" of our water meter. Bill Kollias is a true professional who provides excellent customer service and reasonable pricing for great, efficient work. You ABSOLUTELY cannot go wrong with Absolute Plumbing! We will use him for all of our plumbing needs from now on, and will happily recommend him to all of our family and friends.

Google Review Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
*****EricP ‎ - Jan 27, 2012
We had Bill replace four toilets in our home. He did an tremendous job. For any plumbing need, Bill will always be our first choice. His workmanship is top-notch, 100% reliable, and an overall great guy!! 

Google Review Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
*****Vivek ‎ - Jan 20, 2012
We hired Bill for plumbing and bathroom remodeling. We are satisfied with his timely and efficient work style .He is always prompt on time and with excellent results. We will surely call you in future for assignments. 

Yahoo User Rating: 5 out of 5 stars 
*****by Anonymous 12/23/2011
I had to replace leaking bathtub faucet. After contacting few plumbers, I found Bill's price reasonable. I setup appointment on Saturday and he was right on time. Before starting job he guided me to purchase of right bathtub faucet from Delta via emails. He was very professional and did nice job on replacing valve and bathtub faucet. We also had some slow drain issue and other plumber was suggesting to change pipe in crawl space but he fixed that issue as well. Overall very happy with his work and won't hesitate to recommend him to other folks.

Yelp 5 Star Rating
*****by Suresh K. 4/30/2011, Dublin, CA
We had a water leak at the Water meter. I tried calling couple of plumbers but they did not show up. I googled near by plumbers and got Absolute plumbing in Castro Valley. I called up the number and spoke to Bill, the owner. He readily agreed to come by the same day. 

As agreed upon He showed up on time. He looked at the leak and assessed the work and gave an estimate. He did a good job of fixing the leak and the bill was within the estimate. I would highly recommend Bill for anyone looking for quality plumbing work at reasonable cost.

Yelp 5 Star Rating
***** by Joe G. 3/31/2011, Castro Valley, CA
We recently did a bathroom remodel and were so happy to have found Bill at Absolute Plumbing! I initially called Bill because he was local, and he had some great reviews. Just as the reviews said, he came to my house exactly on time to look at the job and he gave me a very reasonable quote. I hired him right away!

I noticed all the little things that Bill does that shows what a professional he really is. He has a clean, well organized truck. All the cuts he made in the drywall were straight and plumb, which made it really easy to patch later. And he did extra to make my bathroom safer in the future. He didn't hesitate to give me tips and advice about my remodel. I used a non standard floating vanity set which required special attention. Bill was able to modify the supply and drain lines to make it work in my vanity. 

I have another bathroom that needs to be redone, and you know who I will call! I would definitely call Bill again and would recommend him to anyone.

Yahoo User Rating: 5 out of 5 stars 
*****by Yvonne 02/23/2011
I have chosen Bill to be the number one, reliable plumber for our home. He gives the best quotes, reasonable prices compared to other plumbers in the area. He is also honest and professional. He does the job promptly. The past weekend, we had an emergency with a broken water pipe over the weekend, and he was there same day, right at the time we needed him. He did an awesome job for us twice! I highly recommend him and would definitely use his services again.

Yahoo User Rating: 5 out of 5 stars 
*****by LD 01/12/2011
When you find a true PROFESSIONAL that understands and offers HONEST CUSTOMER SERVICE, you hold on and treat them like gold! Absolute Plumbing is one of those rare finds in today's business world.
Bill Kollias has tackled my commercial account challenges with precision and quality. So grateful am I that I have utilized his services for my parents, my home and the homes of my friends and associates. You ABSOLUTELY cannot go wrong with Absolute Plumbing!

Yahoo User Rating: 5 out of 5 stars 
***** by Hellotheretoo 01/09/2011
Absolute Plumbing did a new dishwasher install at my house. First, Bill was quick coming out to the house to give us a great quote! When time came to install the dishwasher, Bill was at the house when he said he would be and performed the installation professionally, exceeding our expectations! This was an installation that involved tearing out part of the existing cabinet. I expected that there would be some repair and painting that I would have to do after the install. To my delight, Bill was able to remove the section of cabinet without a single scratch or any required touchup to the surrounding cabinets. I would recommend Absolute without any reservation. I know I will use Absolute Plumbing for all my future plumbing jobs!

Google Review Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
***** Dec 19, 2010
I bought an old home with two bathrooms in horrible condition and old galvanized steel pipes. Bill's crew was able to replace all the pipes with new copper and completely remodel the two bathrooms in two weeks. I was actually slowing them down because I couldn't buy the materials fast enough. The results look great. Don't let the name of the company fool you, he can do more than mere plumbing. Excellent attention to detail, would call again. Bill actually went out of his way to help me exchange two cabinets that arrived damaged from the manufacturer. I would definitely call Bill again.

Yahoo User Rating: 5 out of 5 stars 
***** by racer1 12/16/2010
I want to recommend Absolute Plumbing with the highest recommendation possible. They were consummate professionals. They came promptly for a quote, they did what they committed to, they repaired everything quickly for a fair price and did quality work. They were tidy and supremely helpful. If you need a plumber, call Bill!

Yelp 5 Star Rating
***** by Lawrence Y. 11/24/2010, Castro Valley, CA
I had Bill of Absolute Plumbing replace my house shut off valve. This  was a more complicated job than I wanted to get into. (Copper line needed to be soldered, other pipe lines made access difficult). Bill did a good job in timely fashion. I enjoy doing the "little jobs" myself, but it was nice to have a real pro do a good job much faster and better than I could have.

Yahoo User Rating: 5 out of 5 stars 
*****  by Junyi 10/11/2010 
Bill is a pleasant person. He is quick and professional on his work. We feel lucky to have Bill's help to find and fix the broken pipe issue. We would like to recommend Bill to others.

Google Review Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
***** by Marison - Sep 8, 2010
The Best Plumbing Service! We had Bill come out to our home for pluming services twice (for different problems) and both times we were very happy with his work. He is very professional, friendly and explains the problem in complete detail. Thank you Bill!

Yahoo User Rating: 5 out of 5 stars 
***** by jack - 08/18/2010 
Bills estimate was fair, and his workmanship was great. He resolved a problem left behind by another contractor, and Im very satisfied.

Google Review Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
***** by Darby - Jun 18, 2010
Came out on a Saturday and saved us!
We had a main water line leak erupt on a Saturday, and had to turn the water off to our house. We were worried that we would not be able to get a plumber on a Saturday, and if we did, the cost would be astronomical. After calling a few places, we found Absolute Plumbing. Bill answered the phone at 11:30 a.m. on a Saturday. We explained the problem, and he said he would be at our house within an hour, and he was. He fixed our problem very quickly and at such a resonable price that I was happy to write that check. He then fixed another smaller problem we had in the house that we could not figure out ourselves. We will be calling Bill again, and have already given his name and number to friends, as everyone is looking for a reliable, reasonable plumber, and Bill is it.

Google Review Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
***** by aya72569 - May 13, 2010
Thank you Bill!
He was very fast, reasonable price and nice. He gives good advice that saves us money. He will be our plumber from now on.

Google Review Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
***** by gerald - Apr 10, 2010
Great plumbing Job!
When you hire Bill (Absolute Plumbing ) you can count on this, Bill is very pleasant and highly professional about his work, you'll get a good price, clean work and he is very punctual. If your looking for a plumber with these qualities then look no more you've found your man. After Bill works for you once you'll hire him again and again.

​Google Review Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
***** by duane.klassen - Apr 9, 2010
Satisfied Customer!
In 2000 I had a leak in the bathroom and Bill came over and fixed it quickly and professional. In 2010 I had a leaky water main and again Bill came right over,diagnosed the problem and repaired it on the spot. I am very thankful to have Bill to call for help when I needed it. He is honest, and keeps my best interests at heart Duane

​Google Review Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
***** by phoa.pandika - Apr 3, 2010
Bath Remodel
"We did a lot of on-line research on local plumbings in Bay Are before deciding to call Absolute Plumbing. From the first time we called--we communicated directly with the owner, Bill Kollias, which was very pleasant and professional. Bill have been very punctual, provided reasonable estimate of cost and made us comfortable to make a quick decision. Our bathroom remodeling went on schedule and we are very happy with the workmanship and punctuality. We will certainly ask Absolute Plumbing to do our next plumbing project and recommend Absolute Plumbing to our friends and family. Pleasanton, CA

​Google Review Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
***** by Lance T - Feb 10, 2010
2 earthquake valves on two propertys A+
Bill Kollias showed up the same day I called for both jobs. the jobs were months apart. Did a fast and excellent installation. price was fair and well worth the fast service and quality work.

​​Google Review Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
***** by tcmcdonough - Dec 17, 2009
Highest Quality and Service
We are extremely satisfied with Absolute Plumbing and we highly recommend their services. We have used Absolute Plumbing many times. What we appreciate most is how thorough their work is and they provide great service. With so many plumbers to choose from, we continue to use Absolute Plumbing because we can count on quality work with reasonable prices. We won't consider using any other company than Absolute Plumbing for our plumbing needs.

Yahoo User Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
***** by Susy Q -11/18/2009 
As a private consumer I would like everyone to know that this is the plumber of your dreams. He is always on time, he is fair and affordable and his work is meticulous. I have used his services for several jobs in my home and can not imagine that such detail and professionalism still exists today. Please give him your plumbing problems and be done with the headaches!

​​Google Review Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
***** by Alexis - Sep 1, 2009
Quick, reliable, and honest!
I called Absolute Plumbing to have my garbage disposal replaced. The company showed up within an hour and not only worked quickly, efficiently, and cleanly, but was also honest in his appraisal of whether or not I should have it fixed or completely replaced. They were very friendly, professional, and reasonably priced. I would highly recommend!

Yahoo User Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
***** by vkpoly - 02/12/2006 
Exellent Service!!! Absolute Plumbing was the best plumbing company I ever hired. As a contractor I have seen all kinds of plumbers and Absolute Plumbing was the cleanest, most prompt, and most professional plumbing contractor I've ever worked with. I highly recommend them whether you are a home owner or a contractor.

Yahoo User Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
***** 10/19/2004 
Recommended: I used this company for my latest plumbing project. They did a great job and worked well within my time frame. Very good easy to work with and would use them again.

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